Moscow, Russia

VKO Airport Wait Times

Avoid the long lines at VKO with Blacklane PASS Airport Concierge for arrivals, transfers and departures.

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Avoid the 1 Hour Wait Time at VKO

This airport can reguarly have wait times of up to 1 hour.

VKO Arrivals

Efficient, Simple Arrival Service

Getting out of VKO can cost you hours and who likes long waits? Our aim is to direct you through VKO in the shortest amount of time possible so that you can enjoy yourself. Let a dedicated Blacklane PASS agent meet you at the gate to fast track you through the slow security processes, help with baggage, and take you to your vehicle stress-free. We make certain that you'll never again have to worry about wasting time at the airport with our arrival services.
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    VKO Departures

    Never Wait in Lines Again

    We're familiar with the anxiety that comes when you're running through VKO to reach your flight on time. When you book with us, you can avoid missing a flight ever again. We cut down your airport time to the bare minimum with our fast departure services. A Blacklane PASS agent will meet you at the curb outside the terminal, help you with check-in and baggage, whisk you through security clearance, and make certain that you board your plane on time. Blacklane PASS will make your departure enjoyable and relaxed, at VKO.
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      VKO Connections

      Quick, Reliable Connection Services

      Nobody likes standing for hours in line at VKO, and if you're delayed, your transit flight won't stop for you. At Blacklane PASS, we, are conscious of how much of a nuisance the slow moving lines can be and are here to help. We will meet you when your flight lands, assist with re-checking luggage if needed, guide you through security clearance, and escort you through to your gate for your transit flight. Let us make your life easier at VKO with our connection services.
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        Avoid Long Airport Wait Times At VKO

        Our professional fast track immigration and customs service saves time and increases productivity when you fly in Moscow.

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