Mykonos, Greece

Blacklane PASS Airport Concierge

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JMK Airport Concierge

A Better Way to Travel

Our Mykonos airport concierge will give you an awesome experience through JMK. Whether it’s a departure, connection, or arrival an agent is there to help with your every need. Our dedicated team will eliminate the hassle of checking in, finding wheelchairs, bags, lounges, and helps you skip the long lines. Our team can guarantee that the airport experience is enjoyable and trouble-free so you can focus on business, family, or simply relaxing.
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    JMK Departures

    Skip the Long Lines

    Stop dreading the lines at JMK anymore. Our dedicated agents are waiting for you at the curb, keen to help with check in, usher you to the front of security and customs, take care of your luggage, and sweep you through to the boarding gate without trouble. On arrival, a Blacklane PASS agent meets you at the arrival gate patiently waiting to help with baggage. They’ll then see you through accelerated immigration and customs procedures. Afterwards, Blacklane PASS agents will stay with you to search out safe ground transportation. For connections, our JMK team sees you through from gate to gate, and in between they are helping you get quickly through security clearance and rechecking baggage if needed.
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