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Your clients shouldn't wait hours in airport lines.

Our agents meet them at the gate and expedite immigration and customs at over 500 airports worldwide. You earn commission on every order.


A Blacklane PASS agent will meet your clients curbside and assist with:

  • Baggage and check-in
  • Fast-track security and immigration
  • VAT refunds and duty-free shopping
  • Escort to gate


We help your clients make their connecting flights on time with:

  • Terminal transfer assistance
  • Expedited immigration and customs
  • Baggage recheck
  • Fast-track security


Blacklane PASS makes airport arrivals convenient and fast with:

  • Fast-track immigration and customs
  • Baggage assistance and porter service
  • Assistance with ground transportation
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How it works

1. Create an account

It's free and easy to create an account. Make sure you use your company email address as we will use this to track bookings you make.

2. Make a booking

Book airport services for clients, team members, or anyone else.

3. Relax

We take care of every detail to ensure a seamless airport experience for you and your passengers.
Please send us the details of your travel agency after making your first booking. We will need the full postal address, tax (VAT) ID to send you a complete overview of your monthly bookings.


What is your commission structure?

We do offer commissions on our services, please sign up and contact us here to discuss.

How is this different from Global Entry or TSA Precheck?

Global Entry and TSA Precheck are programs that only work in the United States and do not include a personal escort through the airport. At Blacklane PASS, we offer meet and assist and/or fast-track immigration and customs services in more than 500 airports around the world. In most cases, our agent escorts you from your gate all the way to your vehicle, or vice versa. Unlike Global Entry and TSA Precheck, anyone can book Blacklane PASS.

How much does your service cost?

We are currently offering a standardized fee, across all airports. For $100 per person and service, we will help your guests navigate the airports. You can find a more details about our pricing here.

Can I set my own commissions?

We offer the same pricing and commissions to all agents.

Where does your agent meet my clients?

For most of our arrival and connection services, we’ll meet your client in the sleeve/jet bridge or at the gate. The agent will help with any carry-on luggage. For departure service, we’ll coordinate with your client or your client’s driver and meet your client curbside.

When do I receive my commissions?

We pay commissions monthly. We send a monthly report that includes order history, as well as commission information. For agencies, we include a report that details how much commission is due to each team member. Please note, that as we are still building the platform, commissions are paid out manually.

How do you send commissions?

We send commissions via bank transfer or PayPal. Please note, that as we are still building the platform, commissions are paid out manually.

Is this available to all of my clients?

Blacklane PASS is available to everyone. We accept orders from citizens of all countries and it does not matter which class of service your client is flying.

Do you offer special rates for large groups?

Please contact us if your client is traveling with a group of ten or more people and we will determine whether a group rate is available.

Do you communicate directly with my client?

As a travel agent, you have full control of who receives booking emails and updates. We may contact a traveler directly to setup a meeting time for our departure service. Otherwise, we only communicate with your client if it’s absolutely necessary or if you would like us to do so.

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